As you may know (depending on if you know me or not) my sister lives in Texas, so we’re going there TOMORROW!!! Yay! IF you aren’t too stockerish, I’ll tell you how long it takes to get there. 10 hours. By car. Yep, you read that right: 10 hours, by car with 2 dogs and my mom. I love my mom and I love my dogs so it should be a nice bonding time! We’re packing tonight and heading out the door at like 8 in the morning and we should get there at like 6. And the great thing is that we only have to fill up 2 or 3 times! (but you know, girls have to pee and dogs have to, too, so we’re most likely going to take some detours to rest stops and/or gas stations) My sister’s dog has been going through obedience training so [we hope] she’s not as wild as she usually is when we walk in the door or ya know, like anywhere in the house. She used to jump on you and bite your clothes and bark at you, but [we hope] she’s better! From what Brook (my sister) says, she’s as tame as a dog could be. Well I’ll keep you guys posted. (But from what I can tell no one’s reading my blog so it’s almost not worth the effort…but  i’ll keep doing it anyway 🙂 ) Well, readers, time for me to get some shut-eye. I’ll post to y’all in the good old lone-star state: Tejas (brush up on some Spanish: Texas) 😀

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LinLaB7 🙂

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