Let’s Roll!

“Emma, you want to go on a roll?!” 🙂

*Puzzled look goes across your face and you say, “Umm….LinLaB7 (or my real name if you know it) what the heck is a roll and who’s Emma?”

Well, Emma’s my sporty yorkie-silkie mix. She’s grey and brown and cute all over! She’s a spaz really, and she LOVES to go rollerblading with me (or on a “Roll”). I get her collar and instantly she looks at me with her bright eyes and you can hear her person voice saying, “Oh my goodness! Are we going on a Roll?!?!?!?” Then I put my ‘blades on and we go! (plus I have a helmet and wrist guards on. You know, safety first!) Our route is usually a mile around the park, but sometimes we go two, depending if it’s hot or not. Emma goes all out when she runs, and I’m surprised that she doesn’t trip herself. We go super fast and Emma loves to chase the squirrels around the park. She doesn’t catch them but I’m pretty sure she would if she wasn’t on a leash. She’s pretty much obsessed with squirrels. And rolls. Mostly squirrels When we are inside our house, she stares out the window watching for squirrels with her sister, Gracie. And when they come up onto our porch, she scratches at the window and howls her oh-so-cute howl. Gracie just growls at them. Even when we are outside and Emma just hears a squirrel, she bolts to the nearest tree and tries to jump up it. I love Emma! “Wait! What about me?!?” “Yes, Gracie, I love you too.”

So, next time you decide to go on a walk, however seldom or frequent walks are for you, you should try rollerblading with your dog. It’s really fun, I guarantee it!

ThAnKs FoR rEaDiNg: 🙂


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