Oh YEAH!!!!!!!! School is in, finally! 8th grade, here I come! I’ll have to say this though, 7th grade was my favorite year ever. The best teachers taught me last year, and I made many memories, friends, and connections. For example, in the mornings, we had plant club in the science room. We made quite a ruckus in there. 🙂  It was very fun though, I assure you. I bet we made the teacher’s day more… interesting, to say the least. There were many opportunities to be entertained during the year. There was Youth Leaders, Student Council, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, ping-pong club, chess club,  Jazz Band, Orchestra, vocal music club, and the list goes on… Definitely hard to be bored with that many things to do! I am sure that this year will be even more fun, but 7th grade was the best! (besides 5th grade. Aah, the memories!) What about your stories, readers? Comment below! 

ThAnKs FoR rEaDiNg

LinLaB7 🙂

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