Last night, I was looking in my telescope and found Jupiter!!! Here’s what I saw:

Although I didn't take this picture, it's exactly what I saw!

How cool! And I could even see those little stripey thingies on the surface! I even guessed the right planet. Plus, I knew that the little things surrounding Jupiter were its moons. Awesome right?

ThAnKs FoR rEaDiNg

LinLaB7 🙂

9 thoughts on “JUPITER!!!

  1. Dylan says:

    Cool !!!!! (also I think the “little stripey thingies” you saw were anticyclonic storms. But correct me if I’m wrong.)

      • Dylan says:

        Ok, new it was something like that. Since Most of the storms on Jupiter go in ring around Jupiter (and not in a circle like cyclones), it would make since that there anticyclonic storms. Also Lindsey, could you see the moon’s ? I find the moon’s more interesting the Jupiter it’s self (warning sarcasm: oh a spinning ball of hydrogen, so cool) , plus since there is a small chance (really small, 0.003%) that there is life on Europa. (Cross your fingers because any other planet that supports water based lifeforms is more than a few light years away.)

      • Dylan says:

        Why am I the only one who types long comments ? It not that hard you just type whats on your mind, the human brain is very fast. Lets break it down, a human being has about 100 billion brain cells. Although different neurons fire at different speeds, as a rough estimate it is reasonable to estimate that a neuron can fire about once every 5 milliseconds, or about 200 times a second. The number of cells each neuron is connected to also varies, but as a rough estimate it is reasonable to say that each neuron connects to 1000 other neurons. So every time a neuron fires, about 1000 other neurons get information about that firing. If we multiply all this out we get 100 billion neurons X 200 firings per second X 1000 connections per firing = 20 million billion calculations per second. This estimate could be wrong, but it makes since so…. My point is, why am I the only one who types long (or longer the others) comments.

  2. LindseyLaBrie says:

    My telescope is not very high powered so i couldnt see the moons very well with it, jupiter’s anticyclonic storms were barely visible due to the streetlights making a glare on the lens. But the moons were there.

    • Dylan says:

      Ok, the first part is for Andy. I am sorry, as I said on Alex’s site (posted a reply there) it was not an insult but thought. Now this part is to Lindsey. I get it now, you were in a suburban area. If you want perfect stargazing then the next time your traveling thou Nebraska and you know you will not be back until night bring your telescope and take some time to enjoy the view in a field. (Check the weather thou because I did it once and it rained on us, we could not see anything.) Hope I cleared up this misunderstanding Andy, and help Lindsey with her stargazing. (It can be quite fun!)

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