Status Report: Testing

Testing is going to happen in oh….12 minutes.

“OH MY, What’s testing?!” You ask. Well:

Testing is what you do to become a higher ranked belt in taekwondo. Right now I’m a blue belt testing for my brown belt (which is 2 belts away from a black belt, might I add.).

How does testing work?

You stretch, warm up, then get called up in front of Master Hylden. You do your form in front of him, and if you do it well enough, he’ll pass you on it. After forms comes sparring. Basically, you get to beat people up for a minute and a half.

Wish me luck, I gotta go!





  1. I did not know that you did taekwondo. (But I did not know that you spell taekwondo like that.) I did karate when I was 5 but did not like it so I quit it. Hope you win your belt.

    P.S. – I did some research on taekwondo, it’s a Korean word that translate into foot, to step, fist. But it is know by many names in America it is are choice to call it taekwondo. The reason it is so popular is it unity between body and mind. When you move your not only moving but thinking and concentrating all of your force into that move. The last bit of information is that it is 5,000 years old, (ok wow) so It is quite old. So anyone who did not know about much taekwondo (like myself) now you have a little bit of info up your sleeve. (Yay, random info :-p)

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