Dont read this if you think Skateboarding’s a fad.




Why yes, TJ, they can and indeed do. The other day I was in my locker and saw TJ’s Alien Workshop stickers and I said, “Those are cool Alien Workshop stickers”

TJ said, “How do you know what Alien Workshop is?”

“Because I just so happen to have a skateboard and I know most of the brands,” I said.

“Oh yeah? What kind of skateboard?”

“An Enjoi board with Plan B wheels and Venture trucks.” (P.S. click on Enjoi to get their website)

He looks at me in stunned silence, then goes of shouting to his friends something along the lines of, “HOLY COW*! DID YOU KNOW THIS GIRL CAN SKATEBOARD?! She has an Enjoi board and everything!”

I laughed then because A) he doesn’t know one of my goals for life is to conquer all things with wheels or boards, B) skateboarding isn’t just for the  under achievers, and C) Girls can skateboard too. Everyone** wants me to bring my board to school but I don’t think I’m going to ride a mile to school on my skateboard just for the sake of people looking at it. And, I’m not very good at the moment. I’d rather work out all the glitches, be able to do a few tricks, then show off my talents. (Not that I’m like that with everything) I want to look good while riding. Suave, smooth, amazing. Not choppy or break-your-arm-when-you-fall-off bad. I can’t even do an ollie, one of the simplest trick in the books. Anyway, that’s all for now. I just thought it was funny.

*Cow could be substituted for a profanity

**Everyone=TJ’s skater buddies

ThAnKs FoR rEaDiNg


23 thoughts on “Dont read this if you think Skateboarding’s a fad.

  1. alexkleinjan says:

    skateboarding just isn’t that fun, IMHO. It takes forever to get anywhere and it seemed to be just a fad anyway. That was in 5th grade. But do what you want.

    • Dylan says:

      We know you can edit are comments and IMHO means “in my humble opinion”. I do have to agree with Alex skateboarding is not that cool. Why skateboard when you can save time and energy by biking. Biking is even more fun (well thats an opinion but still) than skateboarding because biking is not about showing off its about getting from point A to point B. Skateboarding started off as a way for people who could not afford bikes to have a mode of transpiration. But over the last 30 years or so, it has become a “Cool” thing to do. (If we are original then, aren’t we the coolest of them all?) Skateboarding in the early days was just a way to move around, now everyone who fits into society normal image rides one. It has become so bad that I have seen people get dropped off at school with skateboards, dumb……………..yes. Why ride a skateboard when someone drops you off at school. So I will continue to read your blog even if I disagree with your opinion, because most of what you have to say makes since. Just the idea that a fellow nerd would buy into the fad that is skateboarding.

      • Andy says:

        Yes I also agree that skateboarding isn’t that fun and also that it’s just a fad. I also agree that biking is way better I mean I’d rather spend 5 min riding my bike to school than 20 min on a skate board it’s way faster, more efficient, and economical than a skate board, and Dylans right skate boards were originally created just as a mode of transportation than something to make you look “cool” so yes I agree with both Dylan and Alex.

  2. LindseyLaBrie says:

    ok i was just saying that it was funny. i wouldnt ride my skateboard to school because it takes 30 minutes to get there just on a bike. and andy, your bike probably cost a lot more than my skateboard did. HELLO! i’ve watched skateboard documentaries and they were not originally made just for “people to get around”. They were made because people wanted a way to go surfing minus the waves. just because you add a long back story to something doesnt mean the info is true. I wasnt talking about bringing it to school. i was talking about riding one as a whole. You know what Dylan, sometimes people don’t have rides after school so they have their ride in the morning carry their skateboard so they can ride it home after school. dont bash me because I like skateboarding. It’s not just a fad. People of all ages ride skateboards.
    And that concludes my argument.

    • Dylan says:

      Well then you have challenge me :-), first I would not just say that these people do have rides after school they bring there skateboards so people will think there cool. Now lets look at “its not a fad” a fad is defined as “Any form of behavior that develops among a large population and is collectively followed with enthusiasm for some period, generally as a result of the behavior’s being perceived as novel in some way.” Is that not what skate boarding is. I am not saying that it will go away just that it is a “FAD”. Now lets address your “andy, your bike probably cost a lot more than my skateboard did” that is my point they are cheaper because that’s what there suppose to be. I never said that there were more expensive. Finally lets address the fact of sidewalk surfing, I could agree with you about that in a way. They found surfing fun so why not sidewalk surf to work. It was a mode of transportation to get around. They did make it sidewalk surf yes but they made it to also get around. So on that point we are both right it was not just for people to get around but that was a major factor. (Because otherwise you could just surf.)

      P.S. – I am not just polling fact’s out of my but I have read “The Concrete Wave: The History of Skateboarding” and know a little about skateboarding. I don’t rigth a comment if I don’t know about the topic.

      P.P.S. – They have skateboarding documentary’s ?

      • LindseyLaBrie says:

        but skateboarding’s been around for roughly 60 years. I would consider that more than a fad, according to your definition. They didnt sidewalk surf to work, they did it for fun and to show people their skills (and they werent doing it to be cocky–they got money out of it too)
        Argument continued 🙂

      • Dylan says:

        Oh god not this again *shakes head*, I am calling it a fad because it does not HAVE to be for a short period of time. Also I think we have a misunderstanding, They didn’t skateboard to get money (work), the did it to get somewhere (aka work, everyone needs money). I didn’t know if you understood me correctly. Now can we end this, it is a pointless argument. If you really want to argue let me and alex bring the “We are all made of stars” think back up, that was bad. I was a whole week of, ME: Every element is made from star’s so we are children of the stars, and we are made from them. ALEX: Yes but they have changed from stars to other elements, so they are not really stars anymore.”. That was fun but this is pointless.

        P.S – The we are made of stars thing started because I posted the song by Moby on my site and said it is true.

    • Andy says:

      First of all if you say that you live a good distance away from the school your wrong I’ve road 25 times thats nothing I could probably ride across Hastings in 20 min and yes me and Dylan are right skate boards were mainly use as some new way to get around and no we don’t just write long back stories just to make it sounds true. Also I didn’t say anything about the price of my bike and yes of corse it’s more expensive ( it’s actually about $200 ) and any ways that’s the point there going to be expensive I mean it’s more materials and it’s made mainly out of metal which of coarse is more expensive than what skateboards are made of (mainly veneer(thin pieces of wood) that’s glued to gather) so no we are not wrong and its just IMHO bikes are way better

      • LindseyLaBrie says:

        Bikes and skateboards are two different things. Although they both have wheels and require balance to ride, they require totally different skills to do so. I can ride a bike, sure, and we know the general population can, too. but it takes a lot of coordination to skate and do tricks and turn so you dont fall over etc… so not as many people do it. Sure, people skate to be popular, but how many times do you talk to a skateboarder at school? They are popular within their own group, and you can’t just ride a skateboard to become popular, you have to be descent at it too. I know you like to ride bikes. I like to skateboard/rollerblade/ride bikes too. Sure, you can ride faster than I can or ride farther than I can, but I can ride a skateboard. and let’s just accept our differences and say , “yah, skateboarding’s ok, i guess.”
        End of argument ? 😀

      • Dylan says:

        I can agree with you on the skateboarding is hard to some degree, it is harder to learn to skate but do tricks no. If you are going to compare the bike with the skateboard only use one variable, you said that “but it takes a lot of coordination to skate and do tricks and turn so you don’t fall over etc… so not” it’s the same if you do TRICKS on a bike. It just as hard to do tricks on a bike as on a skateboard. Now it was harder for me to learn to skateboard (OMG…Well I didn’t poll the opinion out of my butt) but are there “training wheels” on a skateboard. No, so you can get into the motion of riding and then start riding. With a skateboard you have you figure it all on your own. So it maybe harder to learn how to skateboard, but it is just as hard do tricks on both. SO your idea that it is harder ride a skateboard is incorrect, It maybe harder to learn but one you have that down you can’t compare them.

        Also I said end of argument a LONG time ago, since you brought it back I must defend my Ideas. If you want to end it NOW I can agree. *crosses fingers” Please just let this go!

  3. alexkleinjan says:

    actually andy and dylan i think it was originally intended as just sidewalk surfing, and no one surfs to get around . But skateboarding is a fad, and riding a bike is way better. Now shut up andy. She lives by heartwell. It would probably take you 15 minutes to get to the middle school on a bike. She is even farther than that. So it would take her a while so back off. And about people being dropped off with their skateboards, sometimes its true. they get dropped off then picked up with their skateboards unless they go to the skatepark and get a ride from there so more often than not they’re doing it for images.

    • Dylan says:

      Dude I said skateboards to get around not surf. If you want to get somewhere why not do it well having fun. I think you just read that wrong. Now andy was coping why I said (He does that) and it was messed up a little. Now I am in know way dissing skateboarding. I am dissing how some people do it just to get popular, I am also voicing my opinion on how it is a fad.

      READ THIS CAREFULLY “Sidewalk surfing, I could agree with you about that in a way. They found surfing fun so why not sidewalk surf to work. It was a mode of transportation to get around. They did make it to sidewalk surf yes but they made it to also get around. ” Why just make sidewalk surfing, if you can surf. It was made to surf when you had to get somewhere. I am saying that it was made to sidewalk surf but to read to surf when you had to be somewhere.

      Now can we end this pointless argument by say that skateboarding is a fad. It was invented to “SURF” to where you had to go, and not just surf for sport. I am in now way “dissing” skateboarding I am just saying people abuse it to become popular.

      P.S. – Alex will you stop kissing up to Lindsey just because you like her. It hard to prove my point with you Just saying ‘lindsey right and you are wrong’, Without you really proving or disproving her in any way.

      • Andy says:

        Listen I’m sorry for copying you Dylan and Alex/Lindsay I’m really good at bike riding, I ride alot more than you think that’s like Alex and Lindsay at running I’m really good at it and fast to( why you ask because I come from Sioux Falls SD there alot more hills there so dont say shit about that being a long distance and any ways it was only a estimation)also yes skateboarding is just a fad.

      • alexkleinjan says:

        i’m not kissing up to her. I never said she was right. I was just stating a fact. People didn’t originally intend to use the skateboard mainly as a mode of transport. People used it to surf in a way, and one place they did it was on the beach, ok? Don’t mistake me. The other part of my argument was that andy(not you) was wrong when he said that lindsey doesn’t live a good distance away from school. He can shut up about sioux falls. I was born in alaska but i don’t bitch when people say they’re cold do i? The point is i wasn’t kissing up i was making an argument. I am under the impression that skateboarding wasn’t intended as a mode of transportation but to surf without water. And andy was pretty much copying you(again) so the latter part wasn’t even intended to you. Can you at least consider my ideas?

      • Dylan says:

        Dude I never said It was just to get around, but if you wanted to usrf then you surfed, this was surfing to really get somewhere.

  4. Dylan says:

    I didn’t say I minded, just when you mix up a few of things then everyone starts arguing and we die a little in side. Be be original man say what you think. Thats what the websites are all about, voicing your OPINION. If we don’t like your opinion we will say, but we don’t hate you. We just have conflicting opinions.

    P.S. – We all love arguing. Who can’t wait for debate team ? (ME !!!)

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