A Joke to Lighten Your Day

Oh my goodness! The other day, I was at the bakery, and this very grotesque man, smelling of who knows what (but I’ll spare you the gross details) comes up to me and says, “We need a bell-ringer at our church.” I couldn’t help but scoot a few feet back and give him a grimace. Before I could answer him, this guy with no arms comes running up behind me and says, “OH, I CAN DO IT!! I know I can!” I highly doubt that. I thought to myself, but what the heck, anything’s possible, so we take him to the church and tell the pastor that he should let the poor fella do it. He pauses, then reluctantly says ok, and we take the armless man to the bell tower. We were all wondering how he would do this when, all of a sudden, he runs and smacks his face on the bells. He does this over and over until he’s on the last bell. He gives it all his might and right before he hits the bell, he trips. We all run to try and grab him, but we don’t have a cat’s reflexes and he falls 100 feet to his death. Someone below calls 9-1-1. When the cops come driving up, they ask the priest, “Do you know this man?” he responds, “No, but his face sure rings a bell!”

Tee hee.




Get it?! (sorry if it took a while to get to the funny part)




9 thoughts on “A Joke to Lighten Your Day

  1. Dylan says:

    I am going to start saying first every time I am first so FIRST.

    Also Lindsey, you should read Dearblankpleaseblank, funny site I found it about a year ago and all of use read it. HERE is a link and a example.

    Dear acne,
    Why don’t you ever inflict your wrath on popular people?
    Sincerely, isn’t being a nerd bad enough?

    Almost forgot good joke but a look sad, he should have lived (my opinion).

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