Guess What?! A Poem!

This week’s Weekly Poem is actually on time! Yay! Here it is:

The Seeds

The wind.

Oh how I love the wind.

The feel of it brushing me around,

hoping, myself not to fall on the ground.

50 feet up in a large oak tree

is the spot in which you will find me.

Not a squirrel nor a leaf,

not a bug but a seed.

Yes, that is me, a seed.

I live high

in the sky.

As Autumn comes knocking on Summer’s door,

telling her she is to be no more,

I break free from the branch and go explore.

Explore the world I’ve never known

and very far I’ve sometimes flown.

Cross the continent here and there,

I make my travels in the air

and though I sit here in this pile,

the wind is blowing all the while

“Off again!” Says the gusty wind to me,

“For next year, you will become a tree!”

Gleefully I rise

for I can see through my own eyes

the perfect place for me to grow

the meadow across the road.

“There I’ll stay,” I say with cheer

“I can live there year after year!”

So there it was I took up root,

and I’ll say this, as the point is not moot,

the seeds on my branches are as adventurous as I,

for they love to travel by wind in the sky.

–Lindsey LaBrie 🙂

11 thoughts on “Guess What?! A Poem!

  1. Dylan says:

    So wait are you a leaf or a seed, because you say “Yes, that is me, a leaf”, but you also say “the perfect place for me to grow”. So it’s kind of contraindicating, unless your a seed pod. I just wanted to know what you see this Leaf/Seed as.

    P.S. – Good job on the rhyming, it’s always hard to get the words to rhyme and make sense.

  2. Dylan says:

    True, but your poem seems to be about real life (a leaf), so it makes sense that I would wonder what you meant. I now you just wrote a poem, but I just want to know what you want the poem to mean.

  3. Dylan says:

    I asked “a leaf or a seed” and you said “leaf/seed”, if it was not supposed to make sense then why not say that. If you would have said that it is not supposed to make sense I would have understood. You just said that it was a leaf and/or a seed, what am I going to do with that info. I just wanted to understand the poem, I thought I was missing something. Now all I wanted to know was what the subject is, if it was not supposed to make sense it would have been nice to know that when I asked. But if I get ridiculed because I want to understand something, what is the point of me even reading the poems.

    P.S. – “can’t you just enjoy the poem?”, Can’t I ask a question without being ridiculed by you?

    P.P.S – I like the new avatar (and site icon).

  4. Dylan says:

    Yes, this is me, the site editor (lindsey), editing your comment because i edited the poem.this is really dylan —-> Also My life as a Teenage robot was Ok, but they stopped making episodes a long time ago….didn’t they? (Am I missing something, I know they still show it from time to time on nicktoon’s but they aren’t making new episode’s…right?)

  5. Lindsey says:

    ok, so i edited the poem to say seed instead of leaf. so some of the comments don’t make sense anymore so i had to edit them. i left some of them just cause.

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