Basketball is in full swing! Tonight, we faced the Aurora Huskies and dominated! (well, sorta–we only beat them by a mere point–but a win’s a win, right?) I’m on C team, which, according to the team stands for the Cool team, and I enjoy it. A few people don’t know what they’re doing (which is annoying, but not everyone’s a pro) but it’s fun nevertheless. Our first game seemed to go well, as all of the teams won, and I hope to continue the trend throughout the season. And I scored 4 points during the game! Final score 19-18 Tigers. Woot Woot!

ThAnKs FoR rEaDiNg


2 thoughts on “Basketball!!!

  1. alexkleinjan says:

    Hi Lindsey! I’m glad your blog got its old look back, and I wish I could have gone to your game but my dad would not have it! 😦

  2. Dylan says:

    I’m not much of a sports fan but at least we won. So who do you play next?

    P.S. – I think it’s a crime if I don’t put something like “Go Tiger’s”.

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