In FPS (Future Problem Solvers) today, we talked about a different subject. Usually, we talk about future problems that have nothing to do with Hastings, NE. Like, NanbOTS (just an example) technology is newly developed, and is malfunctioning, but everyone has implants in their ears so we’re all doomed to a slow and painful death. That’s no longer what we will be talking about. We are going to be talking about real problems in our community. For example; Is the pipeline going to affect us in a negative way? or Troubled teens: How much trouble are they really in? We haven’t really started brainstorming yet, but I’m pretty sure that we’ll get our 6-page report done by March 7th, 2012. We are going to make a positive impact in our community. This is exciting. The voice of the next generation will soon be heard!

Caio! (For now…)

LinLaB7 🙂

10 thoughts on “FPS

    • Andy says:

      But it isn’t a problem its been scientifically proven that it will not harm the eviroment or the aquafer so don’t get mad at me get mad at the scientists who proved it wrong.

      P.S. I can’t figure out why people care about it so much.

      • Dylan says:

        Andy, if people are worried about it then it’s a problem. Let me put it this way “Fake Nerd Glasses” (or Ray-Ban’s) are something that bothers US, but I don’t even have to do a study to know that they don’t cause any real problems. She has not even listed her point of view on the subject. So why don’t you guys drop the subject. The only reason people care about the pipeline is because it was proposed right after the BP oil spill. Then everyone was just thinking about that and not the facts. My point of view is that we should have the pipeline because there are already pipelines in Nebraska and all this will do is bring in money. (Which if you have not been paying attention, we kind of need.) Now unless I’ve missed something (I don’t watch the news’s, to depressing) then the pipeline is already been approved. Now Everyone drop the subject, I know it’s fun to argue but you can’t do it all the time.

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