I’m ALIVE!!!

Yes! I’m finally posting something new! Therefore, I’m alive!


First off: I’m sorry that I didn’t post a poem last Friday or yesterday. Sorry to get your hopes up only to have them smashed by the black hole of non-post-yness. I swear I’ll post one on Friday the 20-somethingth.

Next: I went to the Breaking Dawn premiere at midnight yesterday and it was AMAZING! Too bad there aren’t any Jacobs around here… I screamed twice during the movie; once during the preview of “Woman in Black” and once when Bella opened her eyes and they were red. I read the book and the movie was pretty well adapted. If anyone comments and says that Twilight is stupid, I’ll eat you.

Something else: We won our basketball game in Kearney on Thursday. We were amazing. Not! The score was 7-2. Haha. I scored 2 points, Megan scored 3, and Emily scored 2. Needless to say, we missed a lot of shots. A win’s a win, and we won. We’re now 3 and 0!

Last thing: I’m excited for the dance! Anyone else going?


That’s all for now!

ThAnKs FoR rEaDiNg!


5 thoughts on “I’m ALIVE!!!

  1. Dylan says:

    If you forget to do the weekly poem again…… I will, will, will…….. So…..YA.

    I don’t like twilight, but not because I think it’s dumb. It’s just that “Bella” is so helpless. I read the first book to gain a view on the subject. If she did anything, instead of making her boyfriend do it all then maybe I would enjoy it. She is just to helpless, the story lines OK though. SO no I do not like twilight, but I have a reason.

    Also yes I will be at the dance. I kind of wish Lydia was going but she told me she does not like dances, so…..

    P.S. – The reason their are no “Jacobs” here is because no one walks around without a shirt. It’s unrealistic, plus there’s also the fact that Werewolves don’t exist. But my point is if you only look for the super model, you will never find the person you really like. I’m not trying to pretend to be a expert in this kind of thing. I am just say my view on the subject. No one is perfect, not even actors.

    • Lindsey says:

      but Jacob is perfect! (even though he imprints on Bella’s baby, almost dies, is hopelessly in love with someone who will never love him back, defies his clan, and almost gets his neck ripped off by Bella.) other than that, he’s flawless. haha

      • Dylan says:

        But he is also an actor….. In real life no one is perfect. To quote Bob Marley on the subject, “The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for.”. (He was not just a person who did drugs and sang music, some would call him a philosopher [A very High philosopher].) My point is, you have got to find the person for you, not wait for them to find you. An actor is not someone to idealize, they are just reading a script. SO yes he may be acting flawless, but I have no doubt that as a real person it’s different.

        P.S. – Let me say this, I think Megan Fox is hot. But I would never, ever date her. I don’t even know the real her….

    • Dylan says:

      LOL, been there done that. Anyhow I am just saying that if your going to “admire” someone, admire the real them. Not what they act as.

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