A Fact

The other day I learned that every 3 hours, someone dies a train-related death.

That means every day 8 people die because of trains.

That means every week 56 people die.

Every month 244 people die.

Every year: 2,920.

Now I don’t know if that is just in the U.S or the whole world, but that doesn’t have to happen. Trains will always win. Stop. Look. Listen. Common sense. Come on, don’t be a statistic.

That’s the end of my sadness.


4 thoughts on “A Fact

  1. Dylan says:

    It’s world wide, the guy said it during his presentation. You did exactly what I did, when I first heard about that I had to find out home many people roughly die a year.

      • Dylan says:

        Is what considered stalking? If you mean you looking at me right on my hand, then no. “Stalking” is a loose word in today’s society but I don’t think it could be considered stalking at all. First I was not trying to hide anything so it was right there. Second you were not following me anywhere, you just looked to your left (or was it right). So ya I don’t think it could be considered stalking in any sense of the word. But if it meant something else then I don’t understand, sorry.

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