New Year’s Resolutions

My new year’s resolutions are:

A) to read 90 books. In 2011, I read 45, so I want to double last year’s total. I figured that if i read at least 7-8 books a month, I’ll reach that goal. Seems like a lot but, you know.

B) to work out more! I want some toned abs. P90X baby!

and C) I want to work harder at improving my English language skills. I want to speak with more eloquence, more flavor, more… Pizzaz! Instead of saying “I’m hungry,” I want to say, “I am famished, and thine’s throat is parched to such an extent that it seems as if there are cracks splitting my trachea.” (Maybe not that wordy, but you know what I mean)

Alright, now time for your resolutions! Comment below or on my new “Comments Page”

LinLaB7 🙂

4 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Dylan says:

    Well I hope you had a good new year.

    P.S. – Why do you want to be “toned”, I always thought it was kind of stupid that people think you have to be buff. The human body is supposed to have some fat that it can use to aid in digestion. Digestion need energy to work, and it gets that energy from fat. Burning all of your fat is only going to have your body start to burn muscle, making you work out more, making you burn more muscle. You can’t escape from the never ending side effect of societies “Image”.

    P.P.S. – If you talk like that the only thing that’s going to happen is your going to have people ask you “What” a lot. No one talks like that because most people don’t understand things like that. That’s why no one talks with a large vocabulary and why we have to be subjected to the overuse of the word “Like”. They do have all the reason to talk like that because it is easier. If we use your examples then if you are trying to say that your hungry then you say “I’m hungry,” because it is quick and get the point across.

    P.P.P.S. – Sorry if the last two “P.S.”es sounded to harsh, I was just voicing my opinion. It is your choice, I just think that they are a little obscene.

  2. alexkleinjan says:

    I agree with Dylan, but there’s more.(I’m not Andy)[just kidding andy] anyway, If you saw my post, my resolution is 60 video games in 4 months(2 days per game) and it’s working quite well so far so I think for an intelligent girl like you the 90 books thing is no problem. the other 2, of course, may present more of a challenge.

  3. Lindsey says:

    well, if you were in my shoes, would you rather have a flappy belly or abs that make the boys go loco? (ooh that’s a tough one.)
    Also, it’s pretty easy to understand if I ask you, “Why weepest thou?” and you are crying or, “Mr. Jank, may I please quench my parched throat?”. Not as wordy as my example but they sound better than if i were to ask, “why are you crying?” or “Can I get a drink?”
    Simply, I am tired of the boring way we speak and i want to improve the atmosphere of our socializing and liven it up a tad.
    i bid you good evening

    • Dylan says:

      Um…. Abs never make me go loco, it kind of creeps me out. Let me put it this way Marilyn Monroe was a size 12 (correct me if I am wrong, I heard it long ago and am to lazy to check the facts) during her peak. We can all agree that Marilyn Monroe was very beautiful and although she had an almost imposable hour glass figure she was in no way, by todays standards, skinny. If I had to choose between Marilyn Monroe or some buff chick I am going to go with Marilyn Monroe. People are not designed to be “Strong like Bull”, we have to maintain a certain amount of body fat. If you want to work out and get strong then by all means do so. I was just voicing my opinion that it sounds crazy for a person to want to be super buff. I don’t know about other people, but being “Ripped” does make me think someone is physically attractive. Do as you wish again this is my opinion and you do not have to listen to it.

      P.S. – If you have going to work out don’t work out every day. You need to give your muscles time to build after you work out.

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