Phantom of the Opera Review

I finished reading Gaston Leroux’s Phantom of the Opera on my Nook. It was 620 pages long, but it was very good. I think reading that book inspired me to speak/type in a sort of older English. It was written very well. Originally it was written in French, but was adapted to English. The main character M. Vicomte de Chagny is in love with Christine Daae, but Erik, the Opera Ghost, is teaching Christine to sing and also fancies Christine. There are new owners of the Opera house, and they try to mess with Erik.

Now, Erik is not a character to be messed with. When he was little, he was cursed to a long life of ugliness. He runs away from home, joins a circus. When he grows up, he gets a mask and joins the rest of civilization. He constructs the Opera House, 7 cellars and all. He is a master at ventriloquism, can throw his voice anywhere, and has eyes glowing of fire day and night. He wears a mask and sulks the halls of the opera all the time. He is a master trap-door opener, and can move from room to room with a stealth not matched by any other. When Christine comes to the opera to be a performer, Erik pretends to be an angel and sings to her so sweetly, she sings back with cries of ecstasy, and her voice angelic, as well.

One day, M. de Chagny is attending the opera and hears how beautiful Christine’s voice really is. He instantly falls in love with her. When he follows her to her dressing room, he hears a man’s voice (Erik). Jealousy rings through his body like a bell and he waits outside her room until he is told to leave by Christine’s friend. Erik soon learns that Christine is in love with the Vicomte. He forces Christine to stay in his house under the Opera and he continues to teach her to sing. Christine one day decides, hey, she wants to see the face that matches the voice and takes Erik’s mask off. Uh oh. She is filled with such horror that she screams “Horror!” 3 times in a  blood curdling tone. Erik is embarrassed and enraged and forces her to look at his face.

Fast forward past a few good parts…

Which brings us to the torture chamber. The Persian and M. Vicomte de Chagny have snuck to the trapdoor that leads to this room and have figured out where Christine is. Unfortunately, she is with Erik, tied up, on the other side of a wall, being told she has till 11 o’clock to-morrow to let Erik take her hand in marriage. As you know, M. de Chagny does not like this and can not help but let out a shriek. The Persian has to grab hold of the Vicomte’s mouth to keep him from crying out any more. But with ears like Erik’s, he heard. A chain of events happens after this, and involves the Persian and M. de Chagny going nutso in the torture chamber, a flood, and “Barrels, barrels,… any barrels to sell?”

What happens now? The Vicomte and the Persian escape. Erik goes to the Persian, seeking out someone to be his vent. Erik was kissed on the forehead by Christine. She willingly did it, and now he’s dying of happiness. To live all his years and only experience happiness at the end would seem almost as if his life was wasted. But that last bit of hope, of happiness was all it took for Erik to realize he was loved by at least one being. He dies after that, and his skeleton was put in the Museum of Music.

That is how it ends! It was good! Excellent is a better word. I encourage you to read it, when you have time.


ThAnKs FoR rEaDiNg!


One thought on “Phantom of the Opera Review

  1. Dylan says:

    Ok review but you left out some important details that really hold the book together.

    P.S. – You can download a copy for free HERE from the Gutenburg project. It has books that have expired their copyright and can be disrupted free of charge. So you might want to change your link.

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