The Riddler Has Escaped Again

Yes, believe it or not, the Riddler has escaped from Arkham Asylum again and has hacked my WordPress account only to make a poem. Mawhaha!


A Riddle of Riddles

A riddle of riddles is a riddle of this,

If you’re not careful, vital parts you’ll miss.

Jump 3 to the north and 3 to the east,

If you don’t notice, you’ll laugh, at least.

I sat in the corner like a mouse of dust,

as my mind began to riddle, it must!

It must

It might

It shall 

It may

That my short riddle is told today.

A riddle of sorts, but really, not quite,

but if the dark does give you a fright,

then flush out the curious cat in the room

and the elephant’s fate is one of doom.

Woa to the ignorant child’s faint cries,

for every night, someone’s dream dies.

A dream

A life 

Almost the same,

and if not known, don’t show your shame.

A riddle of riddles is a riddle of mine,

it must not be told in one single line.

So here I stand and here I lay,

and kids do come up here to play.

A place soft and warm and inviting to you,

a place short of many a shoe.

I’ll give you a hint and one at that,

Otherwise this riddle is merely flat,

A monkey can’t jump due to doctors orders,

because otherwise, you’d cross all the boarders.

You think you’ve got it, you do, you do?

Then give me the word and I’ll let you through.

To the other side?

Past the river Styx?

You’ll never know lest you count to six.

So this riddle of mine is confusing to you?

I’m pleased to announce I’m done and through.

So goodnight Gotham City, Batman and all,

because right now you feel so small.

Small because you’ve played sadly your fiddle,

and ha! you cannot figure my riddle!


¿The Riddler?


8 thoughts on “The Riddler Has Escaped Again

  1. Dylan says:

    Wow, if the riddler talked this long batman would just capture him. But I have no clue what the answer to the riddle is. I am going to take a shot in the dark with the only reference that made sense to me and say it’s the nursery rhyme Five Little Monkeys. I know that is incorrect but that’s the best I had.

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