The Nerd Day Scandal…

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So, Student Council is holding a “Spirit Week” at the Middle School, and one of those days during Spirit Week is the highly disputed “Nerd Day”. Arising from the ashes of minority are the people who feel as if that day is offensive. Yes, we would call them the modern day “nerds”. However, nerds are not people like Steve Urcle, with their pants up to their armpits and their glasses on the end of their nose. We are normal, plainclothes wearing people who are a bit smarter than the average bear. We have feelings, too, like all human beings. How does dressing up like a (steriotypical) nerd show support for your school? (Or p.j. day, or twin day, or whatever…) It’s more like you make fun of a group of people by exaddurating their appearance and acting absurd the whole day. How would the “preps” like it if everyone dressed up in outfits that were offensive to them? Example: A shirt that says, “My mommy dresses me”, and etc. (Look at me I’m so baaaaaad!) They would speak up about it and rebel, right? Well, we are doing just that. I realize that it has been canceled since we’ve spoken up, but still, you should think about EVERYONE before you establish a day that could possibly offend someone.


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