No, not razor blades! Rollerblades! This week’s poem is about rollerblades because I’m going to Skate Island for a birthday party.

Here ya go:

As I finally slip my perfectly molded skates on,
I smile.
I smile because they’ve been begging me to ride.
It’s been a while.

As I step on the slick linoleum,
The wheels begin to roll
Adding fire to my soul.

“I’ve missed you,”
They squeak softly
Well then, let’s go, you two

Around in circles
Never tiring, never boring
Just rolling

Me, my skates, and I

–Lindsey LaBrie

One thought on “Blades

  1. Dylan says:

    Well I’m glad you can Rollerblade but I can’t at all. Last time I roller bladed (this summer) it was not a pretty sight. Well have fun.

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