Global Warming…

So, when was the last time that it was almost 70º outside in January? I’m betting never. (And please do not correct me if I’m wrong.)

When was the last time the polar bears went extinct? Never.

When was the last time carbon dioxide levels were higher than ever?

Why, why, why can’t people realize that it IS HAPPENING?

Ok, so if I were a dinosaur and it was right before that meteor hit the earth, I’d be thinking, “Hey, cool, a light!” and then I’d die. I wouldn’t think any grim or intellectual thoughts right before I died, I would just be doing dinosaur things.

If I were a mammoth on top of a glacier that was melting, I wouldn’t be thinking about my inevitable death, I’d be thinking mammoth-like things, like not getting eaten.

Since I’m an intellectual human, however, I think about things. Perhaps too many things.

I want to live long enough to see my kids grow up in a non-polluted, non-warm world.

I want, I want, I want.

I want to live forever, and never die.

I want to dramatically decrease the impact we are making on our world.

But I fear any attempt to fix the mess we’re in will be too little, too late.

Why? I really don’t want to die.

I want to accomplish things in my life before something terrible happens.

I want to live, live, live.

That is all I ask.

That is all I will say.

Will you agree?

Will you join me?




3 thoughts on “Global Warming…

  1. Dylan says:

    It’s Summer all the time!!! No but really, a lot of people do know about pollution and fight everyday to stop it. I am glad that someone else (among the many) I know is standing up for this. I know that most people reading this are already against pollution and have stood up for it in the past. It’s not just global warming that is the problem. Look at the great Pacific garbage patch, it is killing many marine animals! Humans have to change are habits and I know that most people have. Simple things that we are always told like don’t leave the water running while brushing your teeth can help. Good Job on the post, most people know about these things but it never hurts to retell an important story.

  2. alexkemnitz says:

    I agree about the pollution part but not about the glaciers.
    Our Earth is coming out of a massive ice age (debatable) and I feel that the Earth is in cycles. (again… debatable). That said I do agree with the pollution. We can stop it and i do not want my kids in a polluted and extinct envorment.

    • Dylan says:

      The earths glaciers have been around the same size for thousands of years. Only within the last 200 have they started to shrink. The ice age ended 20000 years go. We are not just coming out of an ice age. Your theory about the earth following cycles is correct though. People call it uniformitarianism (Ya, I know you know) and it is kind of true. Their have been many ice ages and the earth does move in cycles. That does not stop us from blaming the ice caps melting on Global Warming. Even if they were melting on their own it would be gradual, It is not. Again in two hundred years water level has risen higher then ever before. That is NOT normal (Again as far as we know). If in a few thousand years the earth is back to its normal self and everyone who believes in global warming is wrong then I will say you are correct. At the moment the world is saying the global warming is real and the we need to stop it.

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