Spring Game, CANCELLED!!!

This morning I got up, took a shower, and put on my finest Husker apparel. I grabbed my iPod, jumped in the car with 2 of my uncles, my dad, and my cousins and we were off to Lincoln.

It was going great when we got there. We found an awesome parking spot, got our tailgating supplies out and all of a sudden, there’s lighting and it’s raining and its hailing. And we’re like, “Oh, hail no! We won’t let this ‘rain on our parade’, we’ll tough the weather out.” Until, of course, the lightning was so close that the second it struck, there was thunder. We looked at the radar continually (because I am terrified of storms, just to let you know) and we decided that it wasn’t worth it to keep ourselves in the path of imminent destruction.

So, we left while the storm was a’brewing, and we listened to the radio to hear weather updates. “Tornadic activity is very plausible this evening, and the Lancaster county and Lincoln and surrounding areas are under a tornado watch until further notice,” is what the weatherman was saying. We learned, also, on our way home that they CANCELLED the game! They didn’t even move it to a different day! So the weather really put a damper on things, literally and figuratively. I wish the weather would have been less adverse, and that the game could have gone on, but oh well. It was a good bonding experience! There’s always next year, I suppose.

Thanks for reading!


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