Best Buy

Today my dad and I went to the mall in Grand Island. We stopped and browsed in many stores, including Best Buy. That store is a haven for amazingly cool gadgets and electronics. Of the exciting things in the store, one particular thing stuck out. What was it? It was a touch screen computer. I had no idea that there was such a thing out there. I decided that when I detassel next year, I want to use the money I earn from that to buy a touch screen computer. How did I not know about these things?

The sad part though, is that they don’t have much memory. The most is 6 GB at this point in time, and that’s less than my iPod. But, I won’t be detasseling for a whole year so that could increase.

I think it’s a cool invention!

-linlab7 🙂

2 thoughts on “Best Buy

  1. Dylan says:

    Actually they have been around for quite some time…. Also it’s six gb of ram not the hard drive :p. Windows 7 (or 8 for that matter) won’t fit on 6 gb (more like 20). Your ipod does not have six gb of ram it has less then 1/6th of that. You won’t need 6 gb of ram for just browsing the web, playing music, etc… (You can get away with 512mb.) Also how much do you think your going to earn because I’ve never heard of people making over $400 in the first year and I’m positive this is more then $400. Anyways I would not recommend a touch screen computer a good interface has yet to be made on any os and after a month your going to be using the mouse way more then the touch screen, it’s more a novelty. As a recommendation I’d say to get a regular computer and then get a tablet input device if you really want touch screen. But read some reviews online about touch screen computers, it’s said than many people want to cut off their arm after an hour ;-).

    P.S. – Just for clarification RAM is use in combination with the processor to speed the computer up. More Ram and higher mhz/ghz means faster computer. Larger hard drive means the more you can fit on the computer. If your using windows then you will lose 20 to 40 gb (plus it’s OEMed so it’s more like 100 gb) to stuff that you really won’t ever use. I’d recommend linux. Free, smaller, and open.

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