A Fire

Hi. Time for a poem. I may or may not be using this blog more often. We’ll see.


This feeling that’s fading should fade away fast,

Its only intention is one, aside, to cast;


An afterthought aching for the spoils of tomorrow

A tenuous fortnight of time only borrowed;

It is easy to split a pair into one,

harder to remain than it is to run;


Comradery? That barely scratches the surface

Associates associate, to do things with purpose


What we did was something that friends wouldn’t do

So now, in this moment, how can that be true?


Perhaps it was fear that split it apart

or a lack of reciprocal views, to start


But do not proclaim a lack of a “click”

That argument’s moot; the deception is thick


This “friendship” is something that can’t be rekindled

The embers have died, the tinder’s been swindled.


-Lindsey LaBrie


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