About This Blog

Hello and welcome!

The author, Lindsey, loves adventure, the Nebraska Cornhuskers, and learning new and exciting things. Currently a second semester freshman in college, she loves the college life and is enjoying learning the things that interest her, instead of state standards.

This blog has been around for almost 6 years now! It has changed multiple times over the course of its lifetime. So come back periodically and maybe you’ll be surprised by the changes that have taken place!

If you’ve scrolled through the pages of this blog, you’ve probably seen poems, random facts, or lessons I learned from unexpected places. It’s a mishmash of many different topics. Some of them are very old and are sort of embarrassing by now, but this blog is a part of my history, so they’re staying put!

If you really enjoy this blog, or think it has entertainment value, please scroll down, and on the left is a box that says “Subscribe. Follow. Stalk. Whatever”. You can subscribe to this blog through that feature.

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