Schillers Schädel

Upon returning from Deutsch class,

Where we spoke of Sturm und Drang,

I reminisce about Schiller’s scull in glass

and think it rather wrong.


Maybe it’s just komisch

your best friend stealing your noodle

somehow it makes sense, I wish

a really great poem he did doodle


Schiller and Goethe, the poets

quite a pair were they!

and even after death we know it,

“Schiller’s” head was on display!


The inspiration knew no bound’ries,

words flowed without a hitch,

like blacksmiths in metal foundries

he truly found his niche


Know nature, life, and death alike

looking in his hollowed out eyes

you never know! Inspiration may strike

inspired, like lightening, o’re the skies.


Lindsey LaBrie


IF you don’t know:

Schillers Schädel–Schiller’s skull–which Goethe (secretly) had people steal 25 or so years after Schiller died, which he kept and displayed in his quarters…talk about friendship! It turns out it wasn’t even his skull! Was ein Pech!! (How’s that for luck??)

Sturm und Drang–in a very, very brief nutshell: a literary epoch in Germany that emphasised that humanity rivalled the gods; feelings were felt, and actions were taken based upon those feelings; you should break the rules! Goethe and Schiller (as young 20-somethings) were a part of this movement!

komisch–Strange, weird, out of place


The Blackness

Lungs pushed until even breathing is too hard, my mind reels. But that’s normal.

The blackness swirls in my thoughts and consumes everything, until I give in to the feeling of loss that I’ve earned. I deserve it, I think.

It’s a square room of dread where I can’t see around or under anything, the walls are dark and foreboding.

It’s a black whirlpool, one where swimming is impossible–I’m sucked down, down, down, into its unforgiving depths

It makes my heart fill with a weight so heavy, I think I’ll sink.

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To Germany!

To those of you out there who don’t know already, in the late months of last year, I applied for a Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange Scholarship through a company called Youth for Understanding. What that basically means is that, if I was chosen, I would receive a scholarship which would enable me to live abroad and study at a German high school for the next school year. (For free.) I had an interview at the beginning of the year. Earlier this month, I received an email saying I am accepted to the program! Since then, there have been a whirlwind of papers to fill out, forms to send, and documents to sign. I have two orientations to go to, one in June and one in July. Only two more months and I will be on my way to Germany! And as I write that, I am thinking to myself, “That is not a very long time from now!”

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