United, Divided

Look for the vast diversity

on the faces of the university

A globally represented community

consisting of 25,000 and me


Unite through Husker fandom,

sing “Hail Varsity” in tandem,

making waves without an ocean;

one drop sent into motion


One letter, N, unites us

One petty thing divides us:


Implicit discrimination

which seems to sweep the nation

is present in this house of learning,

the fires of rage are openly burning


the sideways glances,

the passive stances,

the fat jokes,

the frat jokes,

the “no means yes”es

and the “look at her dress”es


carrying pepper spray at night

preparing to put up a fight

always looking behind,

keeping vulnerabilities aligned


Because “boys will be boys”

and girls are just “toys”

see the hatred unfold

‘neath the scarlet blindfold


Open your heart and you will see

that this is bigger than you or me

Fight for my rights; I’ll fight for yours

even if we come from different shores

And if we be from the same nation,

then I will make the same proclamation:


Humanity unites us all;

united, we stand

divided, we fall


Lindsey LaBrie


A Fire

Hi. Time for a poem. I may or may not be using this blog more often. We’ll see.


This feeling that’s fading should fade away fast,

Its only intention is one, aside, to cast;


An afterthought aching for the spoils of tomorrow

A tenuous fortnight of time only borrowed;


It is easy to split a pair into one,

harder to remain than it is to run;


Comradery? That barely scratches the surface

Associates associate, to do things with purpose


What we did was something that friends wouldn’t do

So now, in this moment, how can that be true?


Perhaps it was fear that split it apart

or a lack of reciprocal views, to start


But do not proclaim a lack of a “click”

That argument’s moot; the deception is thick


This “friendship” is something that can’t be rekindled

The embers have died, the tinder’s been swindled.


-Lindsey LaBrie

A Soul’s Music

In the depths of a soul

lies a story untold

It’s something that lives in the dark


It’s something not old

It’s very much bold

A music, soothing as a harp


It speaks with a voice so timid

And it sings a beautiful tune

As for passion, it knows no limit

And it wishes to not meet its doom


However, alas there are roadblocks

Which commonly get in the way

Listen to the clock as it tick-tocks

And maketh thine thoughts think astray.


Hope, even as it plunders

As the papers fade to white

The glory lies in the thunder

And the lightning seen in the night


Sing your song

and laugh along

But know this from me to you


No thing remains

So please refrain

From wishing it may be true


–Lindsey LaBrie

Can it Be True?

It is true! I actually am posting a poem today!

Here it is. I wrote a while back, it’s called “Questions”.


Does a weeping willow know only feelings of sorrow?

With its branches ever drooping,

swaying sadly in the breeze?

Is a heart trained to know only love?

When it feels pain,

does it shrivel?

Does the alley cat wish for love and abode?

To, for once, be cherished by someone dear?

Does a head of cattle know it’s horrifying fate?

That it will soon become dinner?

The answers lie deep.

Some questions remain questions.

Do unanswered questions feel neglected?

Hurt in a personified way?

Omniscience, the only way to know for sure.

Though none have such knowledge.

–Lindsey LaBrie (LinLaB7)

Mario Poem!

As promised, I am writing a poem about the Mario games! (On Super Nintendo) 


Mario 3, World 3-2

Mario, oh Mario,

why must you die?

I’ve been playing this level for hours,

can you not see that I try?


No longer can I suffer,

or I will die myself

if you cannot get through this,

I’ll put you back on the shelf.


I realize it’s mostly my fault,

Since I have the control,

but if I were you, my tiny red man

I’d be on a roll.


Dashing through the levels,

passing all the goombas too,

the coopas, the ghosts

and bowser, especially you.


Finally I’ve passed this level 

with one single life to spare

but what do you know, Mario,

you’ve died and I’ve  pulled out my hair.


I’m turning you off,

and going to bed,

so deal with it Mario,

to spare the hair on my head.


–Lindsey LaBrie

A Poem, Finally!

Ok, I’ve been neglecting my blog, so I decided to post a poem today to make it up to you guys.

Here you go



Flying. I am soaring.

High above the Earth

Only me exploring,

A bird I’ve been since birth.


Watching the landscape below,

and all its glorious features,

I am very pleased to know

That I’m one of its living creatures.


With wings white as lightning

and bones hollow as a cave,

My altitude isn’t frightening,

for I am mighty brave.


Wind cannot deter me

from flying high above,

The sky is where I’m meant to be,

It is a place I love.


–Lindsey LaBrie