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This page is for all of my readers out there to comment on.

It could be a suggestion for a new post, something I should change on my blog, or just a random comment. 

Feel free to do whatever.



LinLaB7 🙂


(Let’s keep it PG-13, for various reasons)



      • I am not amused by your new choice of words. If thy wishes to improve up on the communication of everyday life why not use more elaborate words and avoid dated language. I hope your day remains marry and that you can come to reflect upon the adumbration I have bid. I will leave you with the thought that is in all its integrity my opinion and you may choose to accept it or cast it away, but I do have the able-ness and willingness to voice it.

        P.S. – This Language is not really any better is just more elaborate. All I had to say was “I don’t like the way you talk now. Why not just use bigger words to spice up the way we talk instead of older language. Well good bye, and please think about what I said. Don’t forget this is my opinion and you don’t have to listen but I am just voicing it.” Now it would not be exactly that way because sentence structure changes as well, but if it did not then that’s basically what I could have said. It’s shorter and everyone understands you.

  1. I got bored and made a background. You don’t have to use it but I think it looks a little better than just blue. It uses the basic colors of the theme you have (Dark Blue, Light Blue, and Black). So you can download it HERE (Their are two images but the difference is very small). It is a gif so it swaps colors and the basic idea behind them is circles.

    P.S. – You have to tile the image to even see the circles because i wanted it to be as small as possible. So before you say no please just try it…. If you don’t like it after that then you don’t have to use it.

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