On the outside, you look ripe.

On the inside, however, you are rotting away.

You find it is hard to stay ripe after someone takes a bite of you,

because then, your skin turns brown.

Bugs start eating you.

Eventually, you rot away to just

a seed.

That one lonely seed is hope.

Hope that, in the spring, you will grow.

Hope that rabbits won’t eat you when you become a sapling–a whole new tree.

Hope that you will be nurtured and cared for.

Hope. Just plain hope.

Hope can kill or carry you on.

It can help you find a better way,

But what hope cannot do is make you grow.

You grow if the conditions are right.

Hope is…

Just hope.

You can’t solely rely on hope.

You rely on you.

You cannot hope to be something different–

If you are a tree it would be a waste of time to wish to be a fish–

but grow by water,

and you can enjoy a fish’s company.

Trees lose their leaves in the fall,

but come back in the spring–as does all new life.

But hope, hope will always



A seed.

That one lonely seed is hope.

–Lindsey LaBrie




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