Phantom Poem

I am Erik.

I stalk the halls at night,

and sometimes when you see me,

I fill your heart with fright.


A fright so awe-inspiring,

I woo you to your death,

and when you take my mask off,

you see my head of death.


A curse been set upon me,

which is sad I must confess,

for my love is mortal,

and she loves a mortal lad no less.


I sing with her at midnight,

she sings back, eyes set with blazing fire of passion,

yet she loves the mortal,

I can see it in her eyes.


I take her to my abode,

the lake under the Opera,

and she tries to run in fear,

but I manage to stop her.


“Horror!” thrice she screamed

when her eyes bestowed my cursed face,

she took off my mask,

my looks put her in her place.


Why? I asked

My anger raged even more,

I sat upon my organ,

and played my Don Juan Triumphant with a fire I hadn’t before.

– Lindsey LaBrie


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