The LaBrie Stew

The LaBrie Stew (Otherwise known as The Imaginary Notion Society Calls Pain)

To sit cross-legged for too long

makes my hips feel weak.

To lie in a wrong position at night,

my back doth cry out in pain.

To land wrongly on one foot

shoots pain all up my leg,

but I shall state;

I am strong, everlong.

Though my body be weak,

my mind not hardly slipping,

I still have my life, and it is mine.

Enjoyable yet filled with pain,

Calm yet full of battles.

My body attacking itself for unnaparent reasons,

fertility thrown off-wack

due to thy chromosomes.

And what have I asked

Yet still to receive this?

Immune to almost nothing,

yet still killing off things;

my joints weak and weaker yet,

“Those are foreign bodies,”

Say my antibodies.

Medicine not nearly reprieve,

Pain temporarily away,

and even though I look just peachy,

my internal battles rage on and on and on.

Grim is not my normal mood,

This poem sounds it though,

but doth thou know this pain of which I speak to you now?

With every contraction and expansion of heart,

I can feel it in my bones

the pain of which almost unbearable,

yet I remain unfazed.

Because, as I said,

I am strong, everlong.

So block it out as I do,

and you’ll find to your surprise,

that you are normal,

and pain just recent; a memory,

As tho faded into black.

Like still-frame pictures

worn down by time and sun.

But remember that you are strong of mind,

your body only a house,

and when you move,

you move with pride

for you are


Strong like many and army,

like shining bars of gold,

You shine and glisten like all the stars,

and stronger you become.

You trek through all the jungles,

past every waterfall,

and even when you wake up,

you know no greater happiness

than that free of pain

along with family.

Because, one last time,




Ever long.

–Lindsey LaBrie


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