T’was the Day Before Christmas

T’was the day before Christmas

and all through the store,

all associates were busy

we could find no more.

Tho our patience was lingering,

we waited and stared

and waited and waited until

one was prepared.

An associate looked at us

and said with a frown,

“I’m sorry, but everyone is

busy in town.”

We sat down and smiled,

although we were through

with waiting for someone to say,

“I’ll come help you.”

In Customer Service, it was no better,

for the lines were so long,

you could sing a whole song

before you checked out a sweater.

Onward we trekked

through the cram-packed store,

until finally

the lines were no more.

We got to the checkout,

“At last!” I had said,

but just to our luck,

the Cashier was dead.

“Dead tired,” he said as he closed up shop,

he was jolly and round

like a big lolly pop.

A light appeared above my head,

and I said,

“Your nose is rather red”

“Why, yes, it is,” he chuckled and clicked.

He put on his coat

and appeared good old Saint Nick!

What was he doing in this fine store?

T’was mighty a puzzler,

and my puzzler was sore.

“The North Pole needs you!”

I said with a shout.

“Why are you here

and out and about?

“You’ll waste all your energy!”

I shouted and made a clatter,

and heads turned to see

just what was the matter.

And that jolly old man disappeared with a poof,

and no one would believe me

since I had no proof,

That Santa was there

in the store next to me,

and all that now stood was

a white Christmas tree.

How peculiar!

How strange!

How wonderful, you see

that in his place stood a fine pine tree!

So this is my tale

for you and for all,

to all a good Christmas!

Don’t spend it at the mall!

–Lindsey LaBrie


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