Ok, we are writing poems in English class for semester tests, and I decided to post mine here. This is the picture I looked at to write it.

"View in South Carolina"-- Inspiration for a Poem


     On looking at “View in South Carolina”

By Lindsey LaBrie

The trees here were swaying,

their branches drooping,

like the heads of my brothers


Their limbs were creaking,

speaking softly to me:

“Come here and tell your story”


Many men like me come here

to relieve their tears,

sharing grief with the willows


Though we were men,

and they were trees,

they sympathized with us


They actually listened,

unlike the masters,

who believed they owned us


Willows, however,

are owned by no one


Willows, however,

receive no lashes,

do no work,

receive all glory


With cheeks stained,

I sit ‘neath the grand willows

feeling the breeze


Careful to lean forward,

with new scars on my back

screaming punishment


This is where I come

to be something

not owned


This is where I come

to confide in nature,

“I hate this”


The sun tells me,

through the weeping willow’s branches,

it is time to return


Back to work

Back to life

Back to Hell


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