A Faceless Room

Screens as far as you’re willing to see–

That’s all that’s important for everyone but me.

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Best Buy

Today my dad and I went to the mall in Grand Island. We stopped and browsed in many stores, including Best Buy. That store is a haven for amazingly cool gadgets and electronics. Of the exciting things in the store, one particular thing stuck out. What was it? It was a touch screen computer. I had no idea that there was such a thing out there. I decided that when I detassel next year, I want to use the money I earn from that to buy a touch screen computer. How did I not know about these things?

The sad part though, is that they don’t have much memory. The most is 6 GB at this point in time, and that’s less than my iPod. But, I won’t be detasseling for a whole year so that could increase.

I think it’s a cool invention!

-linlab7 🙂