A Faceless Room

Screens as far as you’re willing to see–

That’s all that’s important for everyone but me.


Technology is everywhere, it’s bending all our necks

our lives are full of Facebook, of tweeting, and of texts.


White lights beaming, illuminating, frustrating

In “awkward” situations pacifying and placating


Put it away. Put it somewhere–your back pocket.

Close the tab, hit the home button, make the screen go black and lock it


Technology destroys us, it empowers us, divides us

Nearsightedness consumes us, it numbs us, misguides us


If I am in a room with you, I expect to hear your voice

You do not have to be on-screen, no, therein lies your choice


In a room full of people, I only see blank faces

Surfing around on the internet, away in far-off places


A faceless room filled with empty joy

An entire existence dependent on a toy


-Lindsey LaBrie


Best Buy

Today my dad and I went to the mall in Grand Island. We stopped and browsed in many stores, including Best Buy. That store is a haven for amazingly cool gadgets and electronics. Of the exciting things in the store, one particular thing stuck out. What was it? It was a touch screen computer. I had no idea that there was such a thing out there. I decided that when I detassel next year, I want to use the money I earn from that to buy a touch screen computer. How did I not know about these things?

The sad part though, is that they don’t have much memory. The most is 6 GB at this point in time, and that’s less than my iPod. But, I won’t be detasseling for a whole year so that could increase.

I think it’s a cool invention!

-linlab7 🙂